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Environmental Consultation

Ympäristökonsultointi Niemeläinen was founded for serving companies, public corporations or private persons to get help in environmental issues such as applying for environmental permits, performing environmental site assessments or planning and supervising soil and groundwater remediation measures.

Company founder MSc (Tech) Timo Niemeläinen has over 20 year experiment from environmental consultation in Finland. Our specialities are soil and groundwater investigating, risk assessments and remediation planning; environmental due diligence assessments; permit applying procedures. We have a wide network of specialist partners which ranges the whole field of environmental issues. Our typical methods are to accurately determine the needs of customer and comply with them, and to communicate actively with client, authorities and other sides.

If you need consultation in

  • assessment or management of  environmental risks,
  • environmental due diligence assessments,
  • investigations or remediation of contaminated sites,
  • placement or utilization of demolition waste,
  • applying for environmental permits or
  • competitive biddings relating to environmental projects

Please contact:

Phone +358 50 341 8684